Can I take my kid for visa interview?

When traveling, there is one question that many people have asked me: Can I take my kid for visa interview? Well, you can take extra people, even your kids to any visa interview. We recommend that you find a baby sitter to look after your kids if they can’t attend the interview. According to, prior … Read more

Why you need to Send Travel Postcards

Every trip is unique. Each experience is different. We are now relying on the advanced technologies, such as cameras or smartphones, to seize the memory of the places we visited. And beyond these technological advances, few experiences are as satisfying as sending postcards to your loved ones. So why? Why you need to Send Travel Postcards? … Read more

European capital cities rich in art and culture

On this page I will describe some of the most beautiful capitals and cities of art. You can discover their charm and if you already know them or have been there recently just leave a comment agreeing or disagreeing with my opinion. Vienna –Austria Vienna is the capital of the Federal Republic of Austria, the central source … Read more