Can my dog sit on my lap on the plane?

You want your dog to travel with you and accompany you on the vacation but aren’t sure how she’ll handle the flight. Yes, more and more people approach me and ask: “Can my dog sit on my lap on the plane?” It is obviously a very touchy subject for dog lovers.

Dogs are not restricted to a crate and are even allowed to sit on their owner’s lap, unlike other animals who must fit under-the-seat in a carrier, and for which a fee is charged on most airlines.

And here are what you need to know before flying with your dog.

Check for Pet-Friendly Airports

Airports now offer pet services like designated animal relief areas at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and Boston’s Logan International Airport, according to Pet Friendly Travel. Use them to your advantage when you travel.

Depending on your dog’s size, she can fly as carry-on (in a carrier you take on board with you) or as checked baggage (in a crate that you hand over when you check in, to be put in the cargo hold of the plane). Opt for a window seat to separate your pup from the commotion of the cabin. Sitting toward the front or back of the plane separates you from other passengers, so you’re less likely to cause a disturbance.

Prepare Your Dog for the Flight

The sooner you start, the better. Leave the crate open and invite your dog to explore it, offering plenty of rewards when she does. Use the crate to transport your dog to her favorite places so she associates it with something fun.

When your dog become acquainted with the crate, she won’t resist it. She will think it was her new home, and she will stay in it happily.

Use Medication

A light sedative or motion sickness medication could take the edge off for pets who don’t travel well. Always check with your veterinarian before giving your dog any medication, and try them at home first.

Also, don’t forget to bring with you the best air purifier for pets. Don’t let others stand your pet odor, or even pet hair.

Remind the Flight Crew

Airlines limit the number of pets both on board and in the hold. If she doesn’t have a reservation, you may not be flying with her after all.

Also, tell the crew, they can check to make sure your dog was boarded. The pilots can then double check the correct temperature is set in the cargo hold.

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